De Young Museum

San Francisco, CA

Sandstone Pool Coping

Circa: September 2005



Typical Sandstone block as it arrived for fabrication.


Finish stone ready to ship.



Sample Stone

This picture shows the heavy layer of moss and also seams.

This shows the heavy "Gravel" beds compared to the extremely fine grained "sample".  You can also see several seams across the surface.


Closer view of the "Gravel" and seams.

Another view of the "Gravel" and seams.


Seams clearly showing through on the upper half of this block.

Another block with several seams.


Close-up of seams in another block.

Most of the blocks only have enough width to make a single 10 1/4" cut.

Thin boulder would be a more appropriate term.


Another picture showing a large seam in this block.