Carmel Regional Performing Arts Center Project

2008 - 2010










Mockup review September 17, 2008

Precast Mockup August 20, 2009

Mockup August 20, 2009










Jobsite: May 28, 2009


Limestone storage along east side access road.

Limestone storage along south side access road.




Limestone storage along north side access.

Granite course being installed on east side south elevation.

Installed chat finish limestone east side northern corner.


Installed limestone north side west elevation loading dock.



Northwest corner.

Northwest corner.

West elevation.




West elevation, south end.

West elevation south end.




Southwest elevation.

Southwest elevation.

Northwest elevation.




Staining on stored limestone. In this case the area will be covered once installed.

Rejected chat finish panels.

Damaged from transportation.


Jobsite August 20, 2009

Badly damaged east entrance stones.


The masonry company subcontracted out cleaning of the stone so mortar, dirt and debris will be in contact with the limestone for many months before it's removed.


October 13, 2009
Damaged bracket

While setting, the crane operator abruptly lowered the lintel until it impacted the embellished jamb stone.
Damaged while setting lintel.
  Paul Miller carving small column capital.  




November 4, 2009


December 2, 2009

December 9, 2009


December 14, 2009

December 15, 2009

Southest elevation

South columns

East elevation

East elevation

North side return of east elevation. Note exposed anchor slots under window head.



South return of the east elevation

South looking westerly

West side of the north elevation

East corner of north elevation

North elevation

Note pad marks on pilaster column.

North elevation



March 25, 2010 - Jobsite

Impact damage. This is the same northeast corner
 that was also heavily damaged along the top edge.

The staining is at the relief angle and flashing.
The roof is still not complete in this area.

Looks like column was stored under some steel that dripped
rust for an extended period of time onto the stone.

Chat sawn

Mildew from over a year on pallets waiting for installation.

Offsite storage and "shake out" area.